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Green Couch


Green Couch Chat with Mariluz Cook and Deborah Colimon: The Importance of Mentorship

UVU graduate and behavioral technician Deborah Colimon joins Mariluz Cook at the green couch for a chat on the importance of mentorship.

Green Couch Chat with Utah Cheerleader Ellery Davidson: Finding Balance

University of Utah Cheerleader Ellery Davidson joins Mariluz Cook for a chat on the green couch regarding balance amidst athletics, academics, internships, and sorority responsibilities.

Green Couch Chat with Tony Fiorentino: Heat Culture and Mental Wellness

Miss Miami Mariluz Cook sits down with Miami Heat Original Tony Fiorentino in a Green Couch Chat to discuss the intersection of Heat Culture and mental wellness, the importance of youth empowerment, the anti-bullying campaign he implemented with the Miami Heat, and a first-hand account of Pat Riley and the ice bucket. To keep in touch with Tony Fiorentino, follow him at @TonyHEAT3xWC on Twitter and visit his website www. for Tony's tips and more!

Green Couch Chat with Paula Cook: Mental Healthcare for All

Pelican Cove Executive Director Paula Cook joins me at the green couch to discuss how she got into the mental health field, her mental health advice, and how Pelican Cove is leveling the mental health playing field by bridging gaps to mental health care access. To learn more about Pelican Cove, visit and follow them on social media at @pelicancovecounseling

Green Couch Chat with Giada Rae: Youth and Mental Health

Mariluz Cook and Giada Rae have a conversation about youth mental health, Giada's mental health journey, and mental health advice.

Green Couch Chat with Mariluz Cook and Brooklyn Coats: When Mental Health Practices Are Your Job

When you combine a classically trained abstract artist with a Rebel House boxing instructor, you get Brooklyn Day Coats! The double-threat sits down with Mariluz Cook at the green couch to discuss how she balances her own mental health in the midst of two common mental health practices - exercise and art - being her career.

Green Couch Chat with Mariluz Cook and Janae Smith: Finding Gratitude for Our Bodies

Janae Smith,  a BYU graduate and published Forbes author, joins Mariluz Cook for a chat on the green couch regarding body neutrality, gratitude for our bodies, and alternatives to restrictive dieting.

Green Couch Chat with Nya Jones: Creating Space for Mental Health

Intentionality is the theme in this Green Couch Chat with Miss Miami. The dynamic Nya Jones, CEO of Inside Then Out, sat down with me to discuss the importance of journaling, creating space for your mental heath journey, the creation of the Better Everyday Journal, and her advice for those who are new to journaling.

Green Couch Chat with Miss Miami and Sydney Glenn: Addressing Eating Disorders

 Sydney currently serves as a Care Coordinator with Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists while she pursues her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. To keep in touch with Sydney, follow her Eating Disorder focused TikTok account: @snackwithsyd

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